towerofnix's Blog Site

Welcome to the site! I use this place to ramble and share stuff I've drawn. Maybe some of it'll be interesting to someone.


towerofnix is really hard to pronounce and write and say. Any other names?? You might want to stick to towerofnix if you're specifically talking about, e.g., my blog, my YouTube channel, or whatever. That's the name I've taken for myself, and it's what people can search to find me. But otherwise, I've got a few; in order of how much I'd appreciate it (greatest to "please don't"): Florrie; Tower or Nix; Liam; and then some old names I've abandoned.

I don't capitalize towerofnix, but you can and I won't yell at you for it.

How frequently asked are these questions? Never. Ask me some questions, please? Posting on my latest post or emailing me (guess it; hint, gmail) both work.